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Garnett Machine Operator

Tend machines that reduce rags and yarn wastes to fibers for reuse.

What does a Garnett Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that reduces rags and yarn waste to fiber for reuse: Feeds armfuls of waste into hopper of automatic feeder or opens and closes gates of blower pipes or conveyors when waste feeds from other machines. Starts machine and wraps end of garnetted web around takeup roller to form lap II or threads end of condensed web through coiler head to form sliver. Observes garnetting to detect clogged rollers or breaks in web. Pieces up breaks in web and disentangles clogged rollers by hand. Doffs laps or cans of garnetted material from delivery end of machine. Weighs laps or cans of material and records weight on production records. May tend garnett machine equipped with pneumatic conveyors that blow stock into storage bins or subsequent machine hoppers. May tend picking machine [PICKING-MACHINE OPERATOR] in tandem with garnett machine.