Garland Machine Operator

Tend machines that bind evergreens and conifer twigs with wires.

What does a Garland Machine Operator do?

Tends machine that binds evergreen and conifer twigs with wire to make garlands and wreath stock: Places spool of wire on machine feed spindle and threads wire between crimping gears and through guides to wrapping chamber. Adjusts meter of measuring device that rings bell as specified lengths of garland are formed. Starts machine, inserts ends of twigs into wrapping chamber, and depresses pedal to actuate mechanism that binds twigs into continuous strand of garland. Cuts garland to specified length with wire cutters and places them on table or conveyor. May bend lengths of garland into circle, twist wire ends together, and tie ribbon bow over wire joint to form wreaths. When concerned only with making wreaths, is designated Wreath-Machine Operator.