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Cultivate plants, trees, shrubs, and lawns.

What does a Gardener do?

A gardener works in or takes care of a garden as an occupation or a hobby. Your primary responsibility is mowing lawns, planting and weeding borders, trimming trees and bushes, sweeping paths, and landscaping. You might work in private gardens, public parks, or community gardens. Equipment used for gardening includes spades, digging tools, pruners, cutting tools, wheelbarrows, and gloves.

To become a gardener, you should enjoy being outdoors. Gardeners need creativity and an eye for detail that will help you to grow gardens that offer enjoyment and interest all through the year.

Skills required for becoming a gardener are a creative mindset for creating landscape designs and an aesthetic ambience. There are a few degrees that you can pursue to become a competitive gardener, including nursery management, interior and exterior landscaping, horticulture, and greenhouse management. Other than your qualifications, you should have an interest in plants and be physically fitness, as this is outdoor work that requires a good amount of physical activity like bending and lifting.