Garden Worker

Cultivate and care for ornamental plants.

What does a Garden Worker do?

Cultivates and cares for ornamental plants and installs floral displays in indoor or outdoor settings through performance of any combination of following duties as directed by supervisory personnel: Conditions and prepares soils and plants seeds, seedlings, or bulbs in greenhouse or outdoor growing area, using spades, trowels, sprayers, sprinklers, cultivators, and other gardening handtools and equipment. Fertilizes, waters, weeds, transplants, or thins plants in growing areas. Mixes and applies pesticides to maintain health of plants and prepare plants for installation in greenhouse or outdoor display areas. Lays sod or artificial grass and builds framework for indoor floral displays, or prepares outdoor display beds according to work plan. Transplants plants from growing area to display beds, or places potted plants in beds according to work plans. Attends display beds to maintain health of plants and beauty of display. Maintains and repairs gardening handtools and equipment and structures, such as greenhouses and hot beds, using maintenance and carpentry tools. May mow lawns, prune trees, and perform other duties to maintain grounds.