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Garden Designer



Create gardens that people can admire and enjoy.

What does a Garden Designer do?

A Garden Designer creates gardens, which can be either ornamental or functional. So, whether your garden is filled with beautiful flowers, or overflowing with vegetables, you’re a professional green thumb.

Your job as a Garden Designer is a lot like that of a Landscape Designer. The difference is you focus on the small details of a garden, as opposed to the broad design of a larger landscape. It’s a minor but important distinction. While Landscape Designers focus on enjoying the landscape from outside it, Garden Designers focus on enjoying the landscape from within it.

To achieve your goal—a garden that’s both aesthetically pleasing and technically successful—you start by consulting with and advising clients, then surveying and measuring sites. Next, you develop and draw plans, which typically include different “zones” for planting, seating, and more. After that, you choose and arrange plantings based on size, color, climate, and seasonality. You also design or buy amenities, such as fencing, water features, pergolas, and gazebos.

You’re not just focused on design. You may also manage a team of workers in order to complete your projects. That means you supervise construction, scheduling, and budgeting too.

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