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Garage Door Technician



Inspect and repair specialized garage motors, springs, and more.

What does a Garage Door Technician do?

When a garage door breaks, the Garage Door Technician comes to the rescue. As a Garage Door Technician, you work with clients to fix anything that needs to be fixed on their garage doors, from broken springs to worn door panels. Employers for this position include companies that sell or install garage doors. Or you can choose to run your own business.

As a Garage Door Technician, you need to have a wide range of experience and some excellent customer service skills. You usually start each job with a meeting with the client. In this meeting, you figure out the problem and make a visual inspection. You might be dealing with something as vague as a strange noise when the door opens, or something as obvious as a broken lock.

Either way, you give a cost estimate for your work, including parts and labor. And as soon as the client gives you the go signal, you get to work.

You need to know about a lot of different garage doors, and this knowledge can come to you in one of two ways: through experience with a range of doors and their problems, or by reading the repair manual specific to that door. You also want to keep safety as your number one concern. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, and have tightly wound springs that can break at any point. Because of this, you often work with another Technician or a Garage Door Installer to make sure you complete the job safely and on time.

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