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Garage Door Installer



Hang metal tracks and motors to install automatic garage doors.

What does a Garage Door Installer do?

Just like a home, a garage is more secure when it’s got a door that closes. But unlike a home, a garage has a door that’s really heavy and can be incredibly dangerous to install. When you work as a Garage Door Installer, people don’t have to worry about doing this difficult job though-you take it out of their hands.

There are two types of garage doors: manual and automatic. And as a Garage Door Installer, you have two types of clients: businesses and homes. But no matter which type of door or client you deal with, one thing is constant: You’re an expert at installing, maintaining, and repairing doors, and you do it safely. Garage Door Installers usually work for businesses or companies that also sell garage doors, though you can have your own company and specialize just in installation.

Your day begins with a call. Clients might contact you directly, or they might call your company, in which case a Controller will send you job addresses. When you arrive at the site, you talk with the client to find out exactly what they want done.

You might be working with a person who wants to replace a worn-out door, or a construction crew putting the finishing touches on a new home. Good customer service skills are necessary for this job as you want to make sure you build a good relationship with your client. Communication is also important since you often end up working with another Installer. Garage doors are big and heavy, and it often requires two people to maneuver them into the correct position for installation.

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