Gaming Surveillance Officer

Keep an eye and ear on casino games to discover illegal activity.

What does a Gaming Surveillance Officer do?

There’s a lot of activity in a casino. Voices, bells, televisions, and announcements ring out regularly and simultaneously. Bodies are in constant motion – Waiters delivering drinks, Dealers running game tables, and customers cashing in chips.

That’s why it needs a Gaming Surveillance Officer. Your job as a Gaming Surveillance Officer is to filter through all of that activity, and focus solely on the action at the machines and tables. You look for indications of cheating or theft, watch out for anyone breaking the rules, and ensure that all games adhere to the Gaming Commission’s book of regulations.

Your work as a Gaming Surveillance Officer is mostly done in a sealed off viewing room, where you observe the action via audio and video equipment. You’re also in charge of maintaining and organizing the security tapes so they can be easily located if they’re needed later on. When you’re not in the surveillance room, you might venture down the catwalk for a bird’s eye view of the gambling area. Now and then, you even walk through the crowds, scanning for improprieties. You carry a radio so if you see action, you alert other Guards. Together, you question the suspect. Then you call the police, and detain the suspect until they arrive.

If a suspect is charged, you appear in court to testify. This can be a dangerous job if you corner the wrong criminal, so you need to be aware of your surroundings, have acute observation skills, and be able to remain calm in high-stress situations.