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Gaming Supervisor



Keep gamblers happy by having slots repaired and overseeing big winnings.

What does a Gaming Supervisor do?

Gaming Supervisors have their finger on the pulse of casino activity as they oversee gaming operations at casinos, racetracks, and riverboats. From slot machines to poker tables to sports betting, all gambling falls under the Gaming Supervisor’s direction. If a machine malfunctions, it’s your responsibility as a Gaming Supervisor to have it shut down-not to mention repaired-before the casino loses money. And when a lucky player hits the jackpot, you get the pleasure of possibly changing lives as you oversee the payout.

With the fun of paying winners comes the responsibility of making sure staffing needs ( Dealers and Casino Floor Walkers ) are adequately met. Spending time milling through the casino floor to ensure that your customers are happy provides the opportunity to meet new and exciting people.

Behind the scenes, critical thinking is important as you complete paperwork and reports on casino operations. The casino executive team likely depends on you for accurate information from the floor, which provides you the perfect opportunity to showcase your managerial talents. This position is often a stepping-stone to further growth in casino operations, and a key to the executive restroom.

Casinos operate around the clock (including weekends and holidays), giving you the chance to work a flexible schedule and avoid the nine-to-five workday of most management positions.

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