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Gaming Manager

Make sure all games go off without a hitch at a casino.

What does a Gaming Manager do?

Part Manager, part Detective, and entirely stimulating, a Gaming Manager’s job at a casino is action-packed and hectic. As a Gaming Manager, you work on the casino floor and are responsible for all gaming activity inside the building. You oversee the table games, sports betting, slot machines, and all other games, making sure the wheels of the casino are turning in the right direction.

As you walk about the gaming floor, you put your perception skills to work and seek out potential problems. You observe behaviors indicating that deceitful practices are being employed to skew the odds, then you work with security staff to remove the guilty parties. If that doesn’t get your adrenaline pumping enough, expect to settle disputes and remove intoxicated patrons as well.

The Gaming Manager is also responsible for overseeing player reward and incentive. So, after giving the cheaters the boot, you get the pleasure of handing out free rooms, meals, and other discounts and amenities to the loyal customers. Both of these tasks require superb customer service and negotiation skills.

Administrative duties such as hiring, supervising, and firing employees are also part of your daily work. Setting employee schedules and station assignments (which table or area of the casino an employee is to report to), as well as maintaining attendance records and departmental budgets all come with the territory.