Game Show Writer

Create interesting trivia questions to keep contestants on their toes.

What does a Game Show Writer do?

In a standard game show, the contestants do most of the talking. They blather on about their spouses, scream for help from the audience, or blurt out embarrassing comments that must be removed before the show airs. Parts of game shows are scripted, however, and those little tidbits are written by Game Show Writers.

As a Game Show Writer, you’re often asked to write introductory text for the contestants. This text should make the audience care about the players, and you use information they provide to make them seem interesting and approachable, even if they’re not remotely like that in real life.

Game Show Writers who work on quiz-based shows spend the rest of their time looking for facts and figures. In this role, most of the questions you write are 20 words or less, and they must have only one answer. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, and computers help you do your job. When you’ve completed your questions, you send them to Fact Checkers to make sure you’ve supplied the right answers.

If you work for a reality-based game show, you might think up scenarios for your players. Asking people to eat worms can help you separate the weak from the strong, for example, and allow your Producer to move the show to a conclusion much faster. This sort of writing doesn’t rely on facts, but it does require innovation. You may spend hours watching other reality game shows just to make sure your program isn’t duplicating ideas your competitors are producing.