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Game Programmer



Write the code for computer games.

What does a Game Programmer do?

A game programmer is a type of software engineer who chooses to work in the gaming industry. You’re responsible for bringing video and computer games to life by writing the technical code at their core.

When working on a new game, your main responsibility is connecting the input from the player’s control console to the actions that happen on screen. This ensures players are able to navigate through the game. Secondly, you control many of the internal actions of the game. For example, you’re in charge of the movements of all the characters that are not manipulated by human players.

On a daily basis you work closely with game artists, game designers, game producers, sound technicians, and game testers in order to ensure the technical coding of the game matches its creative vision.

Great communication skills, attention to detail, and advanced math and coding skills are essential for this job. Additionally, knowledge of the programming language C++ and in most cases a degree in computer science are required to become a game programmer.

Your work brings video games concepts to life. That puts you at the very core of the booming gaming industry. Plus you get to make and play video games for a living, which is pretty cool.

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