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Game Producer



Complete video game projects by overseeing schedules, budgets, and staff.

What does a Game Producer do?

A game producer oversees the creation of a video game from a business perspective. Your primary role is to monitor the budget and schedule, and act as the liaison between the game developers who create the game and the video game publisher who sells the game. This is first and foremost an administrative position, but you also dabble in the technical and creative design of a game to ensure that the publisher’s wishes are considered.

Your day as a game producer could include scheduling testing for pre-production, evaluating expense requests, explaining a new feature to the publisher, and instructing the design team to tone down the violence so you can market to a larger audience. Overall you make sure that the development is progressing smoothly towards completion on a track that is acceptable to the publisher.

In this field you can either work as an internal or external producer. Working internally, you’re hired by the development team as their correspondent to publishers. In this role you’re a little bit more hands on as you have the trust and familiarity of the team. As an external producer, you work for the publisher and manage the team as a corporate representative. Although there are slight work variations, the main difference between these two positions is a matter of allegiance.

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