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Game Journalist



Report on new video games and the trends affecting the gaming industry.

What does a Game Journalist do?

Combining the passions for being a Video Game Analyst and a Writer, a Game Journalist has the perfect job! Not only do they get to play video games all day, but they also get to share their passions with others who are interested in the topic.

Simply put, as a Game Journalist, you report gaming news. Mostly, that means recommending what games consumers should buy and giving reasons why you feel that way.

Of course, before you can report on a game or gaming system, you’ve got to check it out, right? Whether it’s a preview of a game that’s about to be released or a review of one that’s already hit the market, facts are your friend. There is, however, room for your educated opinion as well.

You might use your unique Game Journalist skills to write for an Internet blog, gaming magazine, or industry publication. You might even do a television blurb about a game or a system. When you’re not spending your time writing reviews or relaying your list of “Top 10 must-buys,” you follow leading stories within the gaming industry.

Is a major player planning to merge with a fellow gaming corporation? Has stock skyrocketed with the release of new technology? Did a major oversight cause a company to lose millions of customers? Whether it’s a new game in the pipeline, the marriage of Luigi and Princess Peach, or a major advance in equipment, you’re there to report it to the world!

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