Game Farm Helper

Perform the duties to attend games on private or state game farms.

What does a Game Farm Helper do?

Performs any combination of duties to attend game, such as ducks, pheasants, bears, cougars, and lions on private or state game farm: Feeds and waters game. Gathers bird eggs from field nests and places eggs in incubators. Brails wings of birds to prevent flying. Cleans water containers, pens, cages, and yards. Maintains and repairs fences, coops, pens, buildings, and equipment. Observes game to detect signs of illness and adds prescribed medications to food and water. Crates or cages game to prepare for movement. Transports game to release areas, filming locations, and zoos, using truck. Sets and maintains traps to protect birds from predatory animals. May operate farm equipment to cultivate and plant field crops.