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Game Designer

Game Designer


Think up concepts and storylines for video games.

What does a Game Designer do?

Game designers imagine, outline, and create video games. On large projects there is generally a team of game designers who do this work, and as a group you decide the rules, storyline, environment, and structure of the game. You are also responsible for the documentation of the project, be it legal, financial, or work progress updates, that is required by your investors (usually a video game publisher).

The job of a game designer requires both artistic and technical talent: You must think up your imaginary world, then know if it is possible to create it with a computer program. After you create the overall vision, then you design the game mechanics or details that make people enjoy the game such as complexity and player goals. On the whole, you are responsible for imagining both the large-scale and specific drivers of a video game.

Completing these tasks could involve brain storming sessions, pitching ideas to investors, and writing the technical specifications for your proposed designs. While this is happening you work with other game developers such as game programmers and game artists to create the technical and stylistic properties that make your vision come to life.

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