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Game Breeding Farm Manager

Direct activities concerned with the operation of game breeding farms.

What does a Game Breeding Farm Manager do?

Directs and coordinates activities concerned with operation of private or state game breeding farm: Consults with professional personnel and reviews technical publications and other literature to obtain data on breeding, rearing, habits, diets, and diseases and treatment, of various species of game birds and animals. Evaluates data in order to plan game breeding and rearing activities. Plans, formulates, and implements policies, methods, and procedures required to attain game farm objectives. Directs and coordinates farm activities, such as incubation and hatching of game bird eggs and rearing of birds; selection, pairing, and rearing of game animals; treatment of diseased or ill game birds and animals; and repair and maintenance of farm facilities. Inspects facilities and equipment for needed repairs or maintenance. Examines game for sign of illness or disease and notifies designated personnel of actions to be taken. May contract with state agencies or private game preserves to provide establishments with birds or animals. May contract with food establishments to furnish game birds and game animal meat. Must be licensed as breeder by state department of fish and game. May be designated according to type of game bred as Manager, Game-Animal Farm; Manager, Game-Bird Farm.