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Gallery Owner



Run a business selling art.

What does a Gallery Owner do?

A gallery owner chooses and presents an arrangement of art for sale. Your gallery is like a museum, but for profit. One of the best parts of being a gallery owner is selecting the art that you show. This means you browse and discover new artists, predict (and help shape) art trends, and spread your taste to the public at large. Your gallery could specialize in one area, or you might change your offerings as time goes by. If you’re successful, you will build up a clientele who like your taste.

But in order to keep your job, you need more than a love and appreciation of art. At its soul your gallery is a business, and you are a small business owner. So when you begin this career, start with a business plan, look at your financing and predicted income, examine your marketing options, and go about this as a retail shop. Otherwise this will be a hobby, and a rather expensive one at that.

Both the business and creative sides of this venture are incredibly interesting and challenging. You should be excited for them both, because a heavy-handed focus on one over the other will not be good for the gallery.

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