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Gallery Assistant



Recommend the perfect painting or sculpture to your art gallery's patrons.

What does a Gallery Assistant do?

The job of a Gallery Assistant is to help customers choose pieces that work well with their desires, and ensure that the gallery stays clean and organized.

For a job as a Gallery Assistant, you need a background in art, as you’ll need to know something about the piece you’re selling or the Artist you are promoting. If you can’t tell the difference between post modernism and impressionist, the chances of you convincing a wavering Art Buyer and meeting your sales goals as a Gallery Assistant aren’t very good.

Sales goals, or having a certain amount you need to sell each month, will probably be part of your job but don’t worry: if you love learning about art and enjoy telling other people about it, you shouldn’t have a problem selling enough.

Your job is basically a stepping stone on your way up the gallery ladder. You do a lot of grunt work that the Gallery Director, Gallery Owner, or anyone else above you needs done but doesn’t want to do themselves. So think administrative work, helping out at art fairs and calling customers to maintain their contact information.

Although it won’t be very glamorous this is a necessary position for anyone who plans on making it in the gallery world. Your job helps you learn the ins and outs of a gallery and gives you an understanding of all the tiny details needed to run a gallery well.

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