Fuse Maker

Tend equipment to make fuses for pyrotechnics.

What does a Fuse Maker do?

Tends equipment to make fuses for pyrotechnics: Screens black powder to required fineness and pours it into hopper of spinning machine. Threads end of rolls of cotton roving into spindle of spinning machine. Starts machine that automatically spins strands of cotton yarn together and around a train of black powder to make fuses and winds fuses onto bobbins. Stops spinning machine and removes bobbins. Positions filled bobbins in holders of dope trough. Threads fuses over pulleys in dope trough and drying chamber, fastening ends of fuses to reels in drying chamber. Fills trough with dope and regulates temperature of drying chamber. Starts motor to pull fuses through dope and through heated chamber to dry dope-covered fuses and to wind fuses onto reels. Removes reels of dried fuse when automatic counter indicates that specified amount of fuse has been wound onto reel.