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Furniture Restorer



Restore antique furniture to its original historical design and beauty.

What does a Furniture Restorer do?

An intense interest in history and manual work makes you a perfect fit for a Furniture Restorer position. As a Furniture Restorer, you spend your days taking old-think antique, not side-of-the-road-furniture and bringing it back to its original condition. Working in museums or antique brokerages is common, but you may choose to start your own business too.

Get your tool belt ready! A steady hand and keen eye are necessary traits for a Furniture Restorer, as furniture restoration requires the use of several power and hand tools. Hammers, nails, drill presses, routers, sanders, planers, and nail guns are commonly used.

Examining furniture to pinpoint the type of material used, when it was made, and the overall extent of damage requires critical thinking and attention to detail. Because of your expertise and extensive knowledge of antique furniture, clients don’t think twice about entrusting their valuable pieces to you. When Antique Dealers, insurance companies, and individual antique enthusiasts want to know about the value of an antique, they turn to you for answers. And don’t forget, spotting a valuable antique also provides you the necessary insight to select inventory for resale in your own antique store.

Each day you go to work, you take a step back in time and create something beautiful.

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