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Furniture Designer

Design and create unique furniture from scratch.

What does a Furniture Designer do?

A Furniture Designer builds pieces of furniture. As a Furniture Designer, you work with all sorts of materials, from wood to metal to bamboo. As each material has a different feel and structure to it, you must get to know how each piece moves and changes. You then use the material’s structure to bring out its natural beauty and strengthen the function it will serve. In practice, this means you create different designs if you use bamboo than if you use steel.

So whether woven, carved, or welded, it is important to focus on the structure of the pieces you make as a Furniture Designer. Wood is a particularly beautiful beast to tackle, as the different types and different grains all hold unique properties.

On a daily basis you use lathes, saws, wooden joints, measuring tape, and a sketchbook. You shave and shape, and use engineering skills to determine the structural integrity of the piece. You might also choose the fabric and fastenings to complete your piece, or you could work with an Upholsterer to add the finishing touches.

Of course you can always throw together a couple of slabs of wood and some nails to make a chair, but this is a craft where you can take pride in shaping and cultivating your pieces. Doing so will make a huge difference in the quality and price of your work, and the pride and happiness you hold in your profession.