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Furnace Process Plant Operator

Control semiautomatic furnaces to produce carbon blacks.

What does a Furnace Process Plant Operator do?

Controls semiautomatic furnaces and auxiliary equipment to produce carbon black by partial combustion of crude oil, natural gas, or mixture of both: Notifies UNIT OPERATORS to start or shut down equipment units, such as reactors, quenchers, precipitators, cyclones, and filters to maintain efficient production. Monitors pyrometers, recording meters, and other gauges to verify process conditions as indicated by control panel instruments. Turns valves and moves switches on central control panel to regulate temperature, pressure, and flow of fuel and air in reactors, and to transfer accumulated carbon black through auxiliary units to produce carbon black of specified type and grade. Tours plant area to verify that equipment is operating as indicated by central control panel. Records instrument readings in operating log and reports abnormal conditions to supervisory personnel. Gives directions to crew during manual operation of equipment to maintain production or verify accuracy of instrumentized controls.