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Furnace Installer

Install and regulate gas-burner units in building-heating furnaces.

What does a Furnace Installer do?

Installs and regulates gas-burner units in building-heating furnaces to convert furnaces from wood, coal, or oil to gas: Directs helper to prepare furnace for installation of gas burner unit. Lays brick foundation [BRICKLAYER] in furnace ashpit and positions heating unit on foundation. Draws sketch of pipes and fittings required to connect gas burner to gas supply. Measures, cuts, threads, bends, and installs pipe between burner and gas supply with assistance of helper, using pipefitters’ tools. Installs thermostat in heated area and makes wiring connections between building terminal box, switchbox, burner motor, and thermostat [ELECTRICIAN]. Ignites gas burner and adjusts gas-flow and air-supply control valves until observation of gas flame indicates correct combustion.