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Furnace Helper

Perform the tasks near heat-treat furnaces.

What does a Furnace Helper do?

Performs any combination of following tasks near heat-treat furnace: Transfers metal slabs, plates, sheets, and fabricated forms from tables and conveyors to furnace cars and trays, using hoist, handtruck, tractor or by hand. Loads and unloads material from heat-treating, and process-chamber furnaces. Feeds metal into straightening rolls. Breaks lumps of sludge from furnace pots, using airhammer, and shovels sludge into crushing machine. Cuts, identifies, and marks samples, using shear and crayon. Verifies dimensions with tape and micrometer. Separates scrap for remelt according to marking. May feed metal rods from coils into furnace, using hoist, and wind rods into coils as rods emerge from furnace, using winding mechanism.