Furnace Cleaner

Clean fire pots, ducts, vents, and registers of domestic furnaces.

What does a Furnace Cleaner do?

Cleans fire pots, ducts, vents, registers, air chambers, and filter screens of domestic furnaces: Scrapes soot and ash from fire pot and smoke chambers, using scraper and wire brush. Cleans filter screens, using solvent. Removes dust-clogged air filters and places clean filters into brackets. Brushes and washes dust from air chamber and ducts, using wire or fiber brush. Removes loose soot, ash, and dust, using hand scoop and portable vacuum cleaner. Examines seams of furnace section for defects, such as cracks, and reports defects to customer or furnace repairer. May extract dust from ducts and jackets, using vacuum equipment. May tighten nuts, bolts, and screws on furnace, using handtools.