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Fur Finisher

Complete, alter, and repair fur garments.

What does a Fur Finisher do?

Completes, alters, and repairs fur garments, sewing by hand or using sewing machine: Sews interlining to inside of fur skin by hand or using blindstitch sewing machine. Selects lining pattern or measures garment shell or old lining, cuts out lining parts, and sews parts together, using sewing machine. Sews lining into shell, using sewing machine or needle and thread. Sews on hooks, rings, hem tape, buttons, monograms, and padding for collars and cuffs, using needle and thread. May baste lining parts together by hand to facilitate machine sewing. May sew preassembled lining into shell. May sew linings only and be designated Fur Liner. May replace linings and repair damaged skins and be designated Lining Finisher.