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Fur Cleaner



Clean fur pieces and garments by hand or machine.

What does a Fur Cleaner do?

Cleans fur pieces and garments by hand or machine, using brushes, pads, sawdust, corncob dust, and cleaning fluids, determining procedure and type of cleaning agent from knowledge of difference in dyed, processed, or natural furs: Examines fur for damage and to identify type of fur. Cleans furs, using either of following methods: rubbing lining of garment and brushing collar, cuffs, and soiled areas, using pad and brush dipped in cleaning solvent or placing furs in drum of cleaning machine containing treated sawdust or corncob dust. Removes sawdust or corncob dust from cleaned garments, using compressed air line nozzle or rotating drum. Dries fluid-cleaned garments, using extractor and either drying cabinet or tumbler drier. Beats or rubs fur with rattan or bamboo stick to fluff fur. May spray glazing compound on fur and brush by hand. May wash fur garment linings. May iron fur.

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