Funeral Driver

Help the bereaved send their loved ones to their final rest with dignity.

What does a Funeral Driver do?

A Funeral Driver – also known as a Funeral Car Driver or Hearse Driver – is at once a Chauffeur and a Funeral Attendant. Employed by funeral homes, Funeral Drivers spend a lot of time driving automobiles, vans, limousines, and, of course, hearses in order to assist with funerals and burials.

When you’re a Funeral Driver, you typically pick up deceased people from homes, hospitals, and morgues, then deliver them to funeral homes and cemeteries. You also drive limousines and hearses in funeral processions, transporting mourners to and from funeral services.

Because funerals wait for no one, you must be prepared to drive in all types of weather and traffic conditions, and to help out with other funeral tasks when you’re not driving. For instance, you’re often asked to assist Pallbearers with moving caskets, and to clean vehicles and the mortuary. You might also physically lift deceased persons into coffins. Additionally, you might arrange burial sites prior to services, and clean up after wakes.

Although the death of friends and loved ones is always difficult, small gestures can make hard times just a little bit easier. Your most important job isn’t steering, therefore; it’s sympathizing. So if you enjoy helping people as much as you enjoy driving cars, you might want to consider this job.