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Fulfillment Representative

Connect customers with Technicians who can help with their issues.

What does a Fulfillment Representative do?

A Fulfillment Representative for a company makes sure work gets done and customers end up happy. As a Fulfillment Representative, you accomplish that by telling Technicians of all varieties where to go and what needs to be done.

Though this might make you sound like a Manager, you’re actually more like a combination of Scheduler and customer service guru. You take information from the customer and pass it on to the Technician before creating a schedule for them to fix the problem. This job exists pretty much anywhere someone is needed to act as a link between Technicians and customers. For example, both phone and cable companies hire Fulfillment Representatives.

You start a job by speaking with the customer. You need detailed information, like how long the problem has been going on and what type of installation they want done. You then look for an available Technician before arranging a time or window of time when the customer can expect a visit.

When scheduling a Technician’s day, it’s important to keep in mind things like how long a repair will take or where in town a customer lives. You want to create the most time-efficient routes so Technicians don’t have to drive all over town and customers aren’t kept waiting.

After the work is completed, you follow up with the customer. You not only want to make sure the problem was solved satisfactorily, but you also let the customer know that the company cares about its level of service.