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Fugitive Recovery Agent



Track down people who are on the run from justice.

What does a Fugitive Recovery Agent do?

Adrenaline junkies must apply! The thrill of the chase and the anticipation of finding must intrigue you, because as a Fugitive Recovery Agent, you track down people and things. Whether you work for a repossession company, law enforcement agency, credit company, or fly solo as an independent Fugitive Recovery Agent, you find people when they don’t want to be found.

If you’re a Fugitive Recovery Agent working for a repossession company (usually hired by creditors), you locate and retrieve objects that people have financed then failed to pay for. These are typically sizable items such as vehicles, boats, all-terrain vehicles, and other large, valuable objects.

If you work in conjunction with a law enforcement agency or bail bond company, you’re charged with locating an individual who’s wanted by the court. When certain conditions established by the court are not met, a warrant is issued. You work to track down the individual and turn him over to law enforcement officials.

Attention to detail is a necessity in this position, as you are required to adhere to strict legal procedures during the recovery process or possibly face legal trouble of your own. Mental and physical strength are also required as you will strategize a recovery plan, and may be forced into physical contact or exertion while implementing the plan. The hours are erratic, providing you with time to reminisce about the last find and prepare for the next one.

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