Fuel Oil Clerk

Maintain records and reports regarding quantity and value of fuel oils.

What does a Fuel Oil Clerk do?

Maintains records and prepares reports regarding quantity and value of fuel oil purchased, received, stored, and used in steam-electric generating plants: Witnesses receipt of fuel oil by company tank-farm operating personnel to verify oil-gaging reports. Examines supplier documents and generating plant records to obtain fuel oil use and loss data. Verifies computation of gross and net barrels of oil received, using standard conversion tables and simple arithmetic. Computes quantity of fuel oil burned, Btu’s per barrel, and quantity in storage from operating records and laboratory reports. Posts computations and other related data to fuel-oil ledgers and records and compares data with contract specifications and delivery documents to detect errors and verify accuracy of entries. Telephones representatives of fuel-oil suppliers, railroads, and company traffic department to verify delivery dates and quantities, to determine cause of variations in loading and unloading temperatures and to correct discrepancies in delivery documents or errors in invoices. Notifies supervisory personnel when discrepancies and errors cannot be resolved. Prepares receipts for oil received. Prepares reports of quantity and value of oil purchased, received, lost in delivery, burned, and in storage tanks.