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Fuel Cell Technician



Test, maintain, and repair fuel cell products.

What does a Fuel Cell Technician do?

Fuel cells are amazing little things. Hydrogen and oxygen combine in just the right way to produce them. And, in turn, they emit heat, water, and enough energy to power a car.

But cars aren’t the only things that benefit from this technology. Space stations, weather stations, houses, and pretty much anything that normally runs on batteries or other power sources can convert to fuel cell technology.

A Fuel Cell Technician works on the front lines of this exciting industry. As a Fuel Cell Technician, you work with a team of Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and Fuel Cell Engineers to create new processes for using this technology. To do this, you spend your days assembling and testing products. You record results, make adjustments, retest, and take more notes. Then you create reports that outline your findings. You can also contribute to the design process through clear, educated, and well-researched communication with the Engineers.

Not all of your time as a Fuel Cell Technician is spent in the lab though. With some experience under your belt, you head into the field to perform maintenance and repairs on existing systems. This might take you anywhere from the garage to remote locations, depending on your area of expertise.

If you like this job and wish to further your career, there’s plenty of room for advancement. You might move into a management-type position where you train, observe, monitor, and evaluate other Technicians. Or you could continue your schooling and become an Engineer.

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