Fry Deep Fat Cook

Tend deep-fat cookers to fry meats, vegetables, or fishes in cooking oil.

What does a Fry Deep Fat Cook do?

Tends deep-fat cookers to fry meats, vegetables, or fish in cooking oil: Empties containers or opens valves to fill cookers with oil. Sets thermostat to heat oil to specified temperature. Empties containers of meat, vegetable, or fish into metal basket and immerses basket into vat manually or by hoist. Sets timer. Observes color at end of frying time to determine conformity to standards and extends frying time accordingly. Removes basket from cooker, drains it, and dumps contents onto tray. May dip foods into batter or dye before frying. May specialize in a particular food product for canning or freezing or may fry variety of foods for immediate consumption.