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Fruit Farmer

Cultivate, harvest, and sell fruit crops.

What does a Fruit Farmer do?

Fruit comes to us in a lot of different forms: whole, canned, sauced, or pre-sliced in plastic baggies. But the one thing all the fruits found in a grocery store have in common is that they all came from a farm or orchard.

A Fruit Farmer has the same basic responsibilities as any other Farmer. As a Fruit Farmer, you grow crops and sell them for a profit. Beyond that, however, you have lots of other day-to-day concerns. A Fruit Farmer can work either for a small family farm or for a big industrial farm, and grow either one type of fruit or a mix of varieties.

Each type of fruit comes with its own little quirks. Say you’re a banana Farmer. Not only do you need to live in a hot climate, but you’ll need to budget for ladders and pesticides to protect against the banana weevil. As a blueberry Farmer, on the other hand, these things don’t apply to you, but you’ll have a totally different set of issues to deal with.

Fruit grows in seasons, with citrus fruits generally coming up in summer and hardier fruits, like apples, coming in during fall and winter. During growing season, you harvest, or supervise the Fruit Pickers you’ve hired, and sell your fruit either at a local market or to a big company who will process it. You also trim and prune trees, spray to protect against bugs, and advertise to find new clients. During off seasons, you repair farm equipment, plant new crops, and plan for the future growth of your farm.