Frozen Pie Maker

Measure specified amounts of ingredients into dough-lined pie plates.

What does a Frozen Pie Maker do?

Measures specified amounts of ingredients, such as precooked meats, vegetables, fruits, or sauce, into dough-lined pie plate, and covers ingredients with prerolled pie crust topping in preparation for freezing: Manually bones meats. Weighs specified amount of meat, vegetable, or fruit pieces and places them in pie plate. Adds specified ingredients, such as sugar, spices, or sauce, to fill pie plate. Covers pie with prerolled pie crust and crimps edges, using hand crimping device. Dips brush in egg yolk mixture and spreads mixture over pie crust. Places pie in refrigerator to dry egg topping. Removes dried pies, packs pies in boxes, and stacks boxes in freezer.