Front End Mechanic

Specialize in wheel alignment, balance, front-suspension and steering.

What does a Front End Mechanic do?

A Front End Mechanic is an expert in fixing and maintaining the front end of a vehicle. This includes wheel alignment and balance, steering, and suspension systems.

As a Front End Mechanic, you spend much of your time in the shop with other Mechanics of varying specialties, all working together to repair cars. You know something about the other Mechanics’ work, but your job is fairly specialized.

On a daily basis, you use large machinery and equipment to realign and balance the wheels, and test and diagnose vehicles. After you repair a vehicle, you generally take it for a test spin to make sure everything is in working order. You also spend some of your time filling out work orders and talking with customers.

The work of a Front End Mechanic is literally hands-on. You’re probably attracted to this job because you enjoy and are skilled at fixing things, have strong mathematical and analytical skills, and are, of course, good with people. With all of these qualities, fixing the mechanical failures of your customers’ vehicles is a cinch!