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Fretted Instrument Repairer

Repair fretted musical instruments.

What does a Fretted Instrument Repairer do?

Repairs fretted musical instruments, such as banjos, guitars, mandolins, and ukuleles, using handtools: Inspects and plays instrument to determine defects. Disassembles instrument, using handtools. Removes, replaces, and dresses frets, using handtools. Fits wood and metal replacement parts. Reassembles and strings instrument. Adjusts truss rod and bridge to position neck and strings. Plays notes and chords and adjusts string tension to tune instrument. Replaces skin or plastic heads of banjos. Tests and replaces tubes, replaces defective parts, and solders new parts and loose connections on amplifiers, reverberation units, and pickups of electrically amplified instruments. May repair wood bodies or carve wood replacement parts. May be designated according to instrument repaired as Guitar Repairer.