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French Professor



Teach university students about French and France.

What does a French Professor do?

A French Professor is far more adept at the French language, and much more skilled in the techniques of teaching, than a French Teacher at a lower grade level. As a French Professor, you work at the college level, teaching classes in the French language and focusing heavily on advanced conversation (not just “Where is the bathroom?” but such topics as “What do you think of that painting?”) as well as French art and literature. To succeed as a French Professor, you’ll need an in-depth understanding of the French language, and you’ll have to meet very demanding classroom performance standards.

Because you teach college-level students with a deeper interest in French and more advanced language skills, you encounter possibilities for exciting, original projects and activities. For example, you may become involved with a French Club that seeks to reproduce a French environment at your college, perhaps hosting cocktail parties that promote the exclusive use of the French language, serve French foods, and exhibit elements of French culture. You may also find support for advanced French writing programs, where students strive to produce high-quality prose, poetry, plays, short stories, and novels—entirely in French.

Teaching French in college can be very satisfying, because your students are often extremely interested in learning the language, are highly skilled at communicating in French, and have some interesting ideas and experiences to share. In addition, there is much to be said for the flexibility, relatively small workload, and cultural stimulation of a college setting.

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