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Freight Traffic Consultant

Facilitate shipment of goods for clients.

What does a Freight Traffic Consultant do?

Sending something across the globe isn’t easy. The item must be packed properly, weighed carefully, loaded securely, and sent with the proper paperwork. The right method must also be used. Sending an item by airplane, for example, could cost much more than sending it via train.

A Freight Traffic Consultant helps clients choose the right method of shipment. As a Freight Traffic Consultant, you also make sure each item is properly prepared for shipping.

When a client contacts you, you first discuss the size and weight of the shipment. You also find out when the client needs to have the item delivered and how much money they’re willing to spend on shipping. Then, you start your homework.

You determine the fastest and cheapest method to send the item. If the fastest method is also the cheapest, you do a dance of joy (this will be rare, though). But you make sure to close your office door before the dancing begins.

When the item is prepared for shipping, you inspect the packaging, making sure it’s totally sealed and properly stamped, for example. You also check that the packing list is securely attached to the shipment, and that the client has paid any import/export taxes due.

Despite a Freight Traffic Consultant’s best planning, however, some shipments don’t reach their destinations. They may be stolen, for example, or dropped by clumsy workers. When this happens, you provide paperwork to the client’s insurance company so the client can be reimbursed for the loss. You then look back through the shipment to see how the problem can be avoided in the future.