Freight Forwarder

Manage the shipment of packages.

What does a Freight Forwarder do?

By the time a package arrives at a business or the front porch of a home, it has already gone through a long and adventurous journey. Whether it’s an Amazon order sent overnight across the country or a rare monkey shipped from Africa, someone has to coordinate the details of every shipment. That person is the Freight Forwarder.

Your job as a Freight Forwarder entails more than adding a stamp and dropping a letter in the mailbox. The shipments that Freight Forwarders deal with are diverse, and often quite unique. You might specialize in one type of shipment method, such as railroads, airlines, or ships. Or you might strictly deal with one variety of freight, such as construction vehicles or hazardous materials.

Whatever you ship and however you choose to get it to its destination, you make sure that it arrives safely and on time. After all, a shipment that arrives late could result in unhappy customers and loss of business for the company you represent. But different pieces of freight require different ways of handling, so you consider the size and weight of each piece, if it’s toxic or perishable, how it needs to be packaged, and the effects of temperature changes.

Another potential obstacle to an efficient delivery is customs, so you’re an expert on the areas you ship to. Whether the item is bound for international waters or just requires special permits (such as live animals or produce), you make sure to fill out the proper paperwork.