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Freight Agent



Determine the fastest, cheapest way to ship goods across the world.

What does a Freight Agent do?

The job of a Freight Agent is to make the job of a Freight Broker easier. As a Freight Agent, you figure out how to ship and move different pieces of cargo and freight from point A to point B. This job entails a lot of customer service and administrative tasks.

Clients approach the Broker or firm that the Freight Agent works for with a shipment they want moved. The shipment can be pretty much anything, from boxes of machine parts to loads of fabric for clothing production. You get the shipment off the boat, truck, railroad, or airplane. From there, you help the Broker figure out the fastest and best way to move the cargo to its final destination.

To do this, you look into things like the types of transportation available and the travel time required. After the cargo departs, you track its progress, and keep customers updated on when they can expect to receive it. Along the way, you take care of any problems that arise.

In this job, you handle all the little necessities that facilitate the movement of a shipment. This means you file out paperwork for clients (like import or export information) and handle payments and fees. You are the person who contacts the client when there’s a problem with their shipment, and the one they talk to if they have a special request. These requests can include things like refrigerated trucks to move food or security protection for special goods.

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