Freezer Tunnel Operator

Tend freeze tunnels to quick-freeze food products.

What does a Freezer Tunnel Operator do?

Tends freeze tunnel to quick-freeze food products: Pushes switches to start and control speed of conveyorized screen that conveys food product through tunnel that flash freezes food as it passes. Turns valves to adjust temperature in tunnel and monitors temperature and pressure gauges to ensure conformance to company specifications. Patrols tunnel to observe progress of vegetables to ensure freezing and to detect machinery malfunctions. Scrapes conveyor to remove excess ice or frost from conveyor and to break vegetables loose from conveyor to prevent accumulation, using hands and handtools. Breaks excess ice from tunnel outlet to facilitate conveyorized frozen food off bearing. Notifies supervisor of machinery malfunctions. May tend machine that deposits breading onto food products [BREADING MACHINE TENDER].