Freezer Operator

Operate freezers to freeze ice cream mixes into semisolid consistency.

What does a Freezer Operator do?

Operates one or more continuous freezers and other equipment to freeze ice cream mix into semisolid consistency: Weighs or measures powder and liquid ingredients, such as color, flavoring, or fruit puree, using graduate, and dumps ingredients into flavor vat. Starts agitator to blend contents. Starts pumps and turns valves to force mix into freezer barrels, admit refrigerant into freezer coils, and inject air into mix. Starts beater, scraper, and expeller blades to mix contents with air and prevent adherence of mixture to barrel walls. Observes ammeter and pressure gauge and adjusts controls to obtain specified freezing temperature, air pressure, and machine speed. Fills hopper of fruit feeder with candy bits, fruit, and nuts, using scoop, or pours syrups into holder of rippling pump. Sets controls according to freezer speed to feed or ripple ingredients evenly into ice cream expelled from freezer. Opens valve to transfer contents to filling machine that pumps ice cream into cartons, cups, and cones, or molds for pies, rolls, and tarts. Places novelty dies in filler head that separates flavors and forms center designs or rosettes in packaged product. Weighs package and adjusts freezer air valve or switch on filler head to obtain specified amount of product in each container. Assembles pipes, fittings, and equipment for operation, using wrench. Sprays equipment with sterilizing solution.