Build and repair wooden structures.

What does a Framer do?

If you’ve ever seen a crew working on a house or other building, then you have likely noticed that the construction begins with a frame that supports the structure like your bones support your body. A framer is a type of carpenter that builds support structures including scaffolding and framing walls. You make, install, and repair doors, windows, floors, walls, and roofs, and are also involved in remodeling and improvement projects for commercial buildings and homes. Some framers may also build structures for bridges and highways.

Framers need to have a good understanding of the processes involved in carpentry and which tools are best for each task. You select the material needed for your project, then measure, mark, cut, and finally assemble the material with nails, bolts, and screws.

Framers usually work outdoors, and you may have to travel long distances to various job sites. The tasks of a framer require physical strength to lift heavy objects like lumber and tools.

To be a framer, you need mathematical skills to be able to provide accurate measurements and to read and interpret blueprints. Teamwork and project management skills are also required. Typically, framers don’t need any formal education, but usually, a high school diploma or GED is expected at minimum. Depending on the company you want to work for, some minimum number of hours in an apprenticeship program and/or classes toward an associate degree in carpentry may be required.