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Frame Spinner

Tend spinning frames that draw out and twist rovings or slivers into yarns.

What does a Frame Spinner do?

Tends spinning frame that draws out and twists roving or sliver into yarn: Patrols work area and observes spinning to detect nearly exhausted supply packages and breaks in yarn, roving, and sliver. Pieces up breaks in yarn, roving, and sliver and replaces nearly exhausted supply packages with full packages [CREELER 689.687-030]. Twists end of material from supply package to material in machine or threads material from supply package through machine guides and drawing rollers. Brushes yarn or lint from drawing rollers, guides, and rails. Notifies designated personnel of machine malfunction. May doff machine [DOFFER 689.686-022]. May change travelers [TRAVELER CHANGER 682.687-010]. May be designated according to machine tended as Spinner, Cap Frame; Spinner, Open-End; Spinner, Ring Frame.