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Fourth Grade Teacher

Instruct fourth-grade students on basic subjects.

What does a Fourth Grade Teacher do?

A Fourth Grade Teacher teaches a variety of subjects to fourth-grade elementary students. When you’re a Fourth Grade Teacher, what you actually teach will vary depending on the state and district you’re in, and whether you’re teaching in a public or private school. In any case, your curriculum revolves around basic instruction in math, science, reading, social studies, and sometimes, the arts or physical education.

Arguably more important than the exercises you teach from a book are the life lessons you impart. Fourth graders are typically eight or nine years old, which means they’ve still got a lot to learn about life, manners, friendships, adults, their peers-and the list goes on. As their Fourth Grade Teacher, you spend a lot of time with them since you often have one class for multiple subjects and periods. So you really get the chance to mentor and instruct.

A lot of what you teach at this level is practical application. Students want to know why they have to learn how to do basic math equations, why they need good penmanship, and why they have to read better than they already do. You teach them how to use all they’ve learned within their daily lives. But of course, you also assign and grade homework, give and grade quizzes and tests, meet with parents and other Teachers, and both discipline and reward within the classroom.