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Fourdrinier Machine Operator

Operate wet end of fourdrinier machines to make papers or sheet pulps.

What does a Fourdrinier Machine Operator do?

Operates wet end of fourdrinier machine to make paper, sheet pulp, or insulation board from pulp stock: Turns valves and pushes buttons, flips switches, or moves levers of control panel to start flow of pulp stock into machine headbox and flow of white water to dilute pulp stock. Starts machine and turns wheel to adjust flow of stock onto wire-mesh belt on which paper or other product is formed. Observes formation of product and removal of water, and inspects samples of completed product. Adjusts volume and speed of stock flow, speed and pitch of wire belt, frequency and amplitude of belt shake, water removal by suction boxes and rolls, and pressure of rolls on pulp mats, according to type of pulp stock and kind, grade, and weight of product specified. Tends auxiliary equipment, such as agitators, pumps, and filters. Gives instructions to BACK TENDER, PAPER MACHINE 534.662-010 in operating machines that dry, size, calender, wind, or cut paper or paper products. Replaces or directs workers engaged in replacing wire belts and drying-roll felts. Adjusts, cleans, repairs, and replaces rolls and other machine parts, using handtools. May install and adjust dandy roll to impress watermark on paper. May install and adjust paint roll to paint surface of insulation board.