Four-Slide Machine Setter

Set up slide forming machines to cut and bend wires to fabricate parts.

What does a Four-Slide Machine Setter do?

Sets up various sizes and types of multiple-operation slide forming machines to automatically punch, cut, and bend metal strips or wire to fabricate parts, such as clips, brackets, and hairpins, as specified by blueprints and setup charts: Selects and installs cams, center post, and ram slide, and computes feed length position of cams and dies, applying knowledge of geometry and product dimensions. Aligns and bolts cams to shaft, slides to machine bed, and progressive dies to stationary shoes and cam actuated slides, using micrometers, gauges, feelers, rules, and handtools. Adjusts position of cams to synchronize action of rams, cutters, and drive rolls that feed stock. Turns flywheel by hand to produce sample part, and compares part with specifications, using fixed gauges, micrometer, and calipers. Readjusts position of dies and cams to achieve specified shape and dimension. Turns machine over to FOUR-SLIDE-MACHINE OPERATOR II. May sharpen and repair dies, using engine lathes, milling machines, precision grinders, hand files, and scrapers.