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Four-H Club Agent

Make learning about agriculture fun for future farmers and ranchers.

What does a Four-H Club Agent do?

Kids who sign up for a Four-H Club can learn a lot about farming, raising animals, canning, sewing, and doing other activities that can make living on a farm a breeze. If this sounds like fun, then consider becoming a Four-H Club Agent. As a Four-H Club Agent, you put lesson plans together for children, and supervise the Four-H Clubs within a specific geographic area.

When you’re a Four-H Club Agent, you spend a significant amount of time talking about Four-H Clubs. You talk to students and encourage them to enroll in clubs, and you talk to adults and encourage them to lead clubs, or otherwise get involved with Four-H. You’ll be a passionate Spokesperson for Four-H, and it will be difficult to get you to talk about other topics without a script.

You also design teaching courses for the students. You develop activities to help them learn, then you provide those materials to the Four-H leaders in your area and answer any questions they may have. The activities you develop may revolve around farming techniques, like crop rotation or crop thinning, or around current events, such as widespread droughts or insect control.

Additionally, you design competitions to help Four-H students test their skills. Keeping in mind that kids truly thrive when they’re given the opportunity to beat someone else, fair and square, you hold competitions at the local country fair, or special conferences for the kids in your area. You may also design and supervise day camps to entertain children through the summer months.